A Riverfront Center
for Kerrville, Texas

We're making plans for a privately-funded community center on the banks of Nimitz Lake. Join the movement!

Take a moment and imagine a sunset or sunrise on the Guadalupe River and Nimitz Lake — it's breathtaking.

Here in Kerrville, many of us recognize the immense beauty, but now we have the opportunity to preserve, protect and enhance the experience with the Guadalupe River Center. 

The vision defines this project as a place to learn about the river's ecosystem, natural history and recreational destination. It's a vision we feel committed to, and we've already begun the foundational work by forming a nonprofit toward a capital campaign to make this dream a reality. 

A Community River Center For All To Enjoy...

This facility is being thoughfully designed for many kinds of visitors and community needs. For locals and visitors alike, the Guadauple River Center will be a place for learning, socializing, community building, and much more. 

Community & Well-Being Programs

• Free Family Fun Days
• Disabled Veteran Programs
• Sailing and Explorer Camps for Children
• K-12 School Field Trips
• Physical Rehab Programs
• Child Disability Programs
• SUP Yoga & Adult Fitness Classes

Educational, Social, and Business Events

• Galas, Weddings, Banquets
• Expos, Lectures, Off-Site Workshops
• Board Meetings, Interview Spaces
• Community Club Meetings
• Continuing Education Classes
• Team Building Events
• Visiting Clubs and Organizations

View the City Workshop

Get the details in our January 2023 presentation to the Kerrville City Council

Comments by John Anderson 
Chairman, Guadalupe River Center Foundation

Comments by Layng Guerriero
Vice Chairman, Guadalupe River Center Foundation

Growing Support...

Community leaders past and present, consultants for decades, and the Kerrville 2050 Plan have all identified greater use of the Guadaulpe River asset as a community prioirty. The time is now!  

"The Guadalupe River Center will be the front door access to the Kerrville River Life Experience we have been longing for. The River Center will allow community access to Nimitz Lake to engage in River Activities, Education and Relaxation."

Todd Bock, Former Mayor of Kerrville 

"Kerrville is a city which has recognized and prioritized the importance of quality of place in economic development. We're heavily investing in and promoting our natural assets such as the river center project for business development and recruitment of workforce." 

Gilbert Salinas, Executive Director
Kerr Economic Development Corp. (KEDC)

“This new development will stimulate new events and activities, which will potentially attract thousands of visitors annually to Kerrville. In addition to fresh, new dollars that these visitors will spend while in Kerrville and Kerr Country, those expenditures will generate new source of tax revenue that will benefit every resident of the city and county.”

Charlie McIlvain, Kerrville CVB President (Ret.), Past President, Kerrville Rotary Club
KEDC Board Member

“The Guadalupe River Center project is exciting as a potential location for the start venue of the Kerrville Triathlon Festival.  The amenities that it could offer would fit closely fit the long term needs of the event.  In addition, the center would open up possibilities for recreation and tourism on the lake, well beyond what is currently available."

Dan Carrol, Owner High Five Events

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